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 Staff Application

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PostSubject: Staff Application   Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:24 pm

Name: Drake Kingston
Age: 17

Position Applying For:
Head GM

Have you ever been a Mod/GM:
Yes, countless times (Many p servers + forums)

How will you give yourself to the community:
I have lots of time on my hands , plus I have a lot of experience and Expertise that i would like to put to to good use. I will spent multiple hours helping this community to my extent, whether its moderating forums or DEV work , i will get it done.
( the type of guy that will get the Job done even if it takes up the whole night.)

How Active will you be:
I got the Christmas Vacation coming along this Friday : so you will see me online almost all day (time zone: Eastern Time ; GMT 5:00)
After Christmas is over i will be online weekdays from : 3:30 Pm ~ 12:30 Am (weekends : all day)

How many languages do you speak:
English (mostly) : Sub: French , German

Information about yourself: I am Drake Kingston ,17 years old , and I am a Professional GM , every server I've worked with I have always helped them to a great extent and brought them to the top charts. I and will do it with this server thats my promise. I have been staff on Dekaron Vitality , Ultra , Extreme , HeavensGate , Fussion , Eternia , EQG , FireStarter. I am heading for Head GM position because , i have what it takes, and i will prove it, and i am capable of big responsibilities , and leading a group of GM's.

Give us a reason on why we should pick you:
It's not why you should pick me. It's why you need me. I am Professional at what i do. I have been a Admin of my own site , and GM and admin of many servers. I am very helpful and this time i am willing to use my expertise to help a great community like this one. You may take this as an offer , or a application . Depends on how high you want to go in the charts. I am always there when you need me, failing is not an option for me. I am a true Multi-tasker one. I like this place, and I'm sure you will like my work.

For Further Contact feel free to hit me up @:

~Greetz * happy holidays *
Pain santa rendeer santa
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Staff Application
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