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 GM application.

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PostSubject: GM application.   Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:08 am

Position Applying For: GameMaster
Have you ever been a Mod/GM:yes
How will you give yourself to the community: i will be the best i can making it fun and safe for all and fair Smile
How Active will you be:everyday.
How many languages do you speak:1
Information about yourself:i am 15 i am a 2moon/dekaron finatic Smile...
Give us a reason on why we should pick you: cause i am nice and very friendly i can be a very responable teenager at times but at time i can be fun and imature ... Razz but who isnt once in a while we all
cant be hard and strick cause if the world was like that there wouldnt be fun at all What a Face so thats why i think you should pick me Smile. lol!
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GM application.
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