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 Pauls GM App

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PostSubject: Pauls GM App   Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:42 am

Name: Paul Monaghan

Age: 16

Position Applying For: GM

Have you ever been a Mod/GM: Yes

How will you give yourself to the community: I can be helpfull and use all my ingame knowledge to try and answer any questions/queries people have.
How Active will you be: online mostly all day everyday

How many languages do you speak: English

Information about yourself: My name is Paul I'm 16 I live in Scotland And im still at School doing my last year. I'm also always on vent or ts which ever if you have one.

Give us a reason on why we should pick you: You should pick me because I can really help and I believe I can keep most in game issues away from the other gms so u can work on fixing stuff. I also know all the gm codes and comands, and my Time difference makes it easier for me to catch hackers when they think no GM is on so i could help in that side of stuff aswell.

Hope You Consider me for GM , Thanks.
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Pauls GM App
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