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 Gm Applycation

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PostSubject: Gm Applycation   Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:15 am

Name: Pop Sergiu


Postion Applyng For:GM

Have you ever been a GM/Mood;No but i know all commands

How will you give yourself to community:I'l Give events that ppl on the server don't got bored and Bann fuckin Hackers...

How active you will be:5-6 hours/day,Sunday maybe just 2

How many languages you speak:English,Romanian,Polish,French(polish and french just a little)

Information about yourself:hmm... i like to play guitar and playing DEKARON...i have greeen eyes

Give us a reason why we should pick you:Because....You need me...I make all commands that you give me and i respect the rules
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Gm Applycation
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